Friday, July 21, 2017

1938 Newspaper Ad for Snow White Dairy Glasses

A Kroger supermarket ad appeared in the February 3, 1938 edition of The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune of Chillicothe, MO. The store was offering the Musical Note series of Snow White glasses, similar to ones used in dairy promotions. However, these were filled with "Embassy Peanut Butter", "Country Club Salad Dressing" or "Country Club Sandwich Spread". The price per filled glass was just 15¢.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

2017 Evil Queen Long Sleeve Nightshirt

Evil Queen nightshirt for Women by Munki Munki. Listed onlne at the Disney Store in July 2017. Material: 100% cotton soft jersey knit. Part of the Disney Slumber Collection. Retail $49.95.

Item No. 3249057970201M.

Snow White Glass Coffin Lamp

Circa 2009, Disney released an interesting item in Japan, a Snow White coffin lamp. The princess lies motionless in her sleeping death state as a warm translucent glow emanates from below her. Made of resin. Measures 18.5 cm long x 11 cm high and 11 cm deep. Requires AC100V・5W(E-12) incandescent lamp.

It's a little creepy but kind of cool too. Special thanks to 1937Fan of Whistle While We Blog for letting us know about this one.

Paper Lunch Bags from Japan

These kraft paper lunch bags are from Japan, produced by Daiso. The series features different Disney characters, including Snow White. Each package contains five bags, 220mm high x 120mm wide, plus stickers. The Snow White design is printed with blue ink and comes with dove stickers. The bags were seen in October of 2016, though they may date from before this.

Images via wlyhidy + kobuta_market.

Some of the other bags in the series: Alice Pooh, Mickey.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vintage Snow White Brushes by Hughes Co.

A children's Snow White shoe brush was manufactured by Henry L. Hughes Company of New York. Company imprint is stamped on one side. Copyright Walt Disney Enterprises, 1938. Wooden handle with black bristles. Features a decal of Grumpy and Dopey. Measures approximately 3.75" x  2" x 1.5" tall. Box has Snow White graphics on four sides.

Images via Heritage Auctions

Another brush also produced by Henry L. Hughes. It is similar to the one above except the handle features a red metal decorative band. Original box measures 5.25" x 4" x 1.75".

Images via Van Eaton Galleries.

Toothbrushes and other brush sets are shown in the 1974 book, Disneyana, by Munsey, p90.

Marge Belcher in 1938 Life Magazine

A two-page spread on Snow White model, Marge Belcher, was published in the April 4, 1938 issue of LIFE magazine (pp.18-19). The article contains several nice photos of her along with Louis Hightower, the model for the Prince.

A few of the images were used in promotional materials for the film--including the swimsuit photo of Marge--which appeared in the 1938 RKO Danish theartre program.

At the time of publication, Marge was wedded to her first husband, Disney animator Art Babbitt, "whom she married last summer.”

Image scans via cartoon brew.

1938 Snow White Bread Booklet

"Why Snow White Smiles"--a promotional give-away item for Snow White bread. The fold-over booklet includes recipes inside and on the back. Copyright imprint, "© 1938 Walt Disney Enterprises." Baked And Distributed by Model Bakery. Store name is rubber stamped along bottom rear.

Images via geezerskater.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Vintage Blanche Neige Postcards from Belgium

A series of eight Snow White postcards was issued in Belgium, circa 1938. Five of the eight are shown below.

"Disneyland Line" Newsletter - 1987

In the January, 8, 1987 cast member newsletter, Disneyland Line, the upcoming 50th anniversary of Snow White was promoted with the original Time Magazine cover of Walt and the Seiberling rubber dwarfs.


In the Disneyland Line from July 16th, 1987, we find a short write-up about Snow White's Walk of Fame debut and how it was "the largest turnout for anyone receiving their star." There's also a sidebar on the restoration of the film. [Note: the cancelled stamp from the next day's 50th Anniversary festivities at the park.]

"Disneyland Line" Newsletter - 1989/1991

A couple of Snow White covers from the cast member newsletter, Disneyland Line.

February 17, 1989, vol. 21, issue #7 - A Clean Sweep

February 22, 1991, vol. 23, issue #9 - Snow White's Grotto

Images via the_wicked_wench.

1967 Trade Journal Ad

This four-page print ad appeared in a 1967 trade journal. Includes the promotion of the US re-release that year of Snow White, plus the premiere of Jungle Book. Pages measure 8" x 11.5".

Images via avalon-collectibles.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Vileda Dopey Button

This "I'm Dopey" button was part of a promotion for Vileda cleaning products in the UK. "© Walt Disney Productions." Dates from late 1960s to early '70s.

It is listed in Hake's Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles, 2nd edition, 2007.

1938 White & Wyckoff Greeting Cards

White & Wyckoff, a manufacturer of specialty paper products in Holyoke, MA, produced a series of Snow White greeting cards in 1938. The company employed their own staff of artists. The cards are copyrighted Walt Disney Enterprises, and each is numbered. Bi-fold design; measure 5.5" x 4.25" when closed. Most are birthday greetings with a couple 'get-well soon' cards too.

No. 8218

No. 8219

No. 8220

No. 8221

No. 8222

No. 8223