Thursday, March 2, 2017

1938 Snow White Print Handkerchiefs

In addition to the many embroidered handkerchiefs (earlier post) that were produced during the initial run of Snow White, a myriad of printed hanky designs were also available. White linen with multi-color character artwork. They typically measure about 8.5" square. All are marked with the imprint, "W.D. Ent." and some with "1938" as well. According to Cecil Munsey's 1974 Disneyana book (p.46), the Bernhard Wolf Company of New York was the manufacturer.

Snow White sweeping up with animal friends.

Seven Dwarfs standing. (Images repeat except Bashful and Sneezy.)

Snow White with forest animals + Snow White with dwarfs.

Seven Dwarfs marching in circle.

Snow White on horseback as dwarfs and bunnies look on. (No Sneezy, presumably since he would be the one using the handkerchief.)

Images via Regalities.

Snow White walking through forest with deer.

A large 20" x 20" hanky with a colorful repeating graphic of Snow White and six dwarfs. Bashful and Sneezy alternate at middle of group. Forest animals fill out the center. "W.D. Ent." imprint.

Images via Hake's.

Snow White dancing with dwarfs, repeating pattern. Measures 9.5" x 9.5". No copyright markings. Possibly issued at a later date.

Images via RiverCityJAC.

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