Thursday, August 17, 2017

1950s Hankscraft "TV" Night-Light

Based in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, the Hankscraft Company manufactured several Disney products in the 1950s, including this Snow White T.V. Nite Lite. Plastic casing with a molded front "screen" and fiberboard back. The light bulb inside is activated by the switch along the lower front. The power cord runs out the rear. Measures approximately 5" tall and 6.25" across. The text in lower right corner reads, "Copyright Walt Disney Productions"; although some simply have the imprint, "©WDP". Two models were produced, one as a nightlight only, the other with a music box included.

No. 1600. Night-light only.

No. 1601. Night-light and music box. Plays Whistle While You Work. Wind-up knob on back.

Metal turn key.


Plastic turn knob.


Both models 1600 and 1601 were also made in Canada. A Hankscraft Canadian label is seen below.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Snow White PEZ Dispensers - 2000s

In an earlier post, we saw the first Snow White PEZ from 1967. Now we'll look at the updated ones issued in the 2000s. In 2005-2006, new Disney Princess dispensers were released. Then in 2007, a Snow White was added to the collection.

  • 2007 Princess Gift Set. Includes eight characters: Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Pocahontas, Aurora, Belle, and Snow White (with blue stem). Each measures approximately 4.5" tall

This blue stem Snow White was also sold individually. In subsequent years, numerous different packaging designs were produced. Some examples:



  • 2010 Limited Edition Gift Set Collector's Series. A stand-alone Snow White set was released. Includes Snow White (with yellow stem), plus the Seven Dwarfs on the new "short stem" body (approx. 3.5" high). Only 250,000 sets were made, each individually numbered with a Gold Seal of Authenticity. The set also came with 12 packages of candy and a free storybook. A round reflective "Magic Mirror" is found on the outside back of the box. Each dwarf has his name printed on the dispenser stem.

Stock images copyright Disney.

The set has become rather infamous for its design faux pas. Specifically, some people have commented on the suggestive location of where the PEZ candy brick is released on the dwarf dispensers. You can find videos on youtube that go into explicit detail on this.


  • 2012 French Dwarfs. European release of Dopey (Simplet), Grumpy (Grincheux), and Happy (Joyeux). Names printed on stems.

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  • 2014 Princess Release. In 2013, a new Cinderella was issued in Europe. She was redesigned to look more like her original animated self. Smaller head, more delicate features. In 2014, Ariel, Belle and Snow White followed suit. They were sold in boxes of two: Ariel/Rapunzel and Belle/Snow White. And they also became available in individual packages. Note Snow's red bow is placed to one side.

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Snow White Giant PEZ

A Giant PEZ Snow White was released in the early 2000s. Measures over 12" high. Plays music (on three 1.5 volt batteries, included).

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Snow White PEZ Dispensers - 1967

The Austrian-based company, PEZ, introduced their first candy dispensers in the 1940s. They were marketed for adults to be used as an alternative to smoking. These are referred to as "regulars" by collectors. Then in the 1950s, the company redirected their marketing towards children, placing heads on the molded plastic dispenser stems. The popularity of PEZ took off and continues to this day.

The first Snow White dispensers were issued in 1967. Several different colors have been found. The heads are marked, "Walt Disney Productions"; the stems read, "U.S Patent 2.620.061" and "Made in Austria". Each measures 4.25" tall.

Blue stem, yellow collar and bow.

Pink stem, blue collar and bow.

Purple stem, white collar and bow.

Maroon (transparent) stem, white collar and bow. In addition to the ones seen here, other Snow White colors have also been found.

A Dopey dispenser with a green stem and red cap was produced too.

A Snow White and Dopey store display. Original price 25¢ each.

Ad sheets--meant for dealers, salespeople, etc. but not the general public.

The Snow White dispensers were listed on page 8 of 1967 US Pressbook Merchandising Supplement.

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