Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1938 Snow White Print Handkerchiefs

In addition to the many embroidered handkerchiefs (earlier post) that were produced during the initial run of Snow White, a myriad of printed hanky designs were also available. White linen with multi-color character artwork. They typically measure about 8.5" square. All are marked with the imprint, "W.D. Ent." and some with "1938" as well.

Image via tomfla.

Snow White sweeping up with animal friends.

Seven Dwarfs standing. (Images repeat except Bashful and Sneezy.)

Snow White with forest animals.

Snow White with dwarfs.

Seven Dwarfs marching in circle.

Snow White on horseback as dwarfs and bunnies look on. (No Sneezy, presumably since he would be the one using the handkerchief.)

 Images via Regalities.

Snow White walking through forest with deer.

A large 20" x 20" hanky with a colorful repeating graphic of Snow White and six dwarfs. Bashful and Sneezy alternate at middle of group. Forest animals fill out the center. "W.D. Ent." imprint.

Images via Hake's.

In addition to these, other Snow White hankies were also produced in 1938. According to Cecil Munsey's 1974 Disneyana book (p.46), the Bernhard Wolf Company of New York was the manufacturer of those shown below.


Snow White dancing with dwarfs, repeating pattern. Measures 9.5" x 9.5". No copyright markings. Possibly issued at a later date.

Images via RiverCityJAC.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Vintage Happynak Tin Tea Sets

In the 1920s, Paton, Calvert & Co. was a manufacturer of metal toys in the United Kingdom. By the mid '30s, they were producing the Happynak line of children's tea sets featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. With the advent of World War II, the company would cease operations, but not before issuing a lithographed set which included Snow White, circa 1938.

Here's a miniature metal tray with Grumpy, Doc, and Snow White. Imprint in lower left corner reads, "Happynak Series - Made in Gt. Britain." In lower right, "By Permission Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse Ltd."

Tray image via swordfish_collectables.

A similar tray pictures Mickey Mouse carrying a stack of dishes. Probably from a different tea set but with the same copyright markings. Measures 6.25" x 4.125".

A tea pot with early Disney characters. Same markings on bottom. Dimensions: 1.75" tall x 4" wide (spout to handle).

A cup probably from the same Mickey/Donald series. Size: 2" diameter x 1" tall.

A Mickey saucer, 2.75" square.

In the Snow White set, cups were issued with a Dopey litho on the bottom. Size: approximately 2" diameter x 1" tall. The Dopey saucers measure 2.625" diameter. (A couple of Mikey/Donald cups are also shown in the photos below.)

Cups have removable handles.

Handsome saucers.

Additional images via ccook + disneyana vintage collectibles 4u.

1937 Mechanical Snow White Birthday Card

This Snow White birthday card is dated 1937, from the time of the world premiere of the Disney film. Yet, although there are clear similarities in how the princess is drawn, this is not a Disney licensed product. The die-cut mechanical card (5.5" x 4.5") features a hidden wheel that when turned, reveals in the doorway each of the seven generic dwarfs with their own birthday greeting.

The first dwarf wishes you joy.

The second brings greetings.

The third wishes you gladness.

The fourth says "cheerio".

The fifth hopes you'll be happy.

The sixth wishes you good fortune.

The seventh knows you'll have fun.


Manufacturer imprint on back of card, This'll Win--Messengers of Sunshine.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Peter Puppet Playthings Snow White Marionettes

A series of Disney marionettes were produced in the 1950s by Peter Puppet Playthings. Included amongst the selection were Snow White and Dopey, each sold separately.

Snow White measures approximately 16" tall. Material: composite head with jointed jaw, hands, shoes; composite and wood torso; black mohair-like hair; cloth dress, silk-screened "Snow White" ribbon sash. Wooden t-bar controller handle.

Image via Hakes.

Images via americanartifacts.


Dopey is made up of the same composite and wood components. Jointed mouth. Painted features. Cotton felt clothing. "I am Dopey" tag on back. He measures approximately 13" tall". (Stand not original.)

Dopey images via purplecuda69 + eagle200013 + mikeknocks4u.