Monday, September 26, 2016

1939-40 ELAH Candy Ads from Italy

ELAH was an Italian producer of sweets, chocolates, and candies. In 1939-40, they made a candy called “Biancaneve” which was licensed through Creazioni Walt Disney S.A.I. The Snow White characters were used in a couple 1939 magazine ads.

This first one includes an image of a store display box full of individually wrapped Biancaneve candy.

Another shows an illustration of Snow White at the wishing well.

The following is a leaflet for a 1940 ELAH-sponsored radio program. It translates as follows:
ELAH Radio Competition for the Snow White candy – from March 13 to May 1, 1940, every Wednesday at 13:15 PM,  'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' will be on the air from the E.I.A.R station with their new adventures. If you are lucky with your phrase, you will win 5000 lire! Customers! Be sure to get the BIANCANEVE Candy!
The radio contest worked like this. Entrants would have to come up with a phrase to describe the qualities of the Biancaneve bonbon, write it in a letter, and mail it--along with a Snow White candy wrapper--to SIPRA, the advertising agency for Italian National Radio (EIAR) in Turin. The winner would be chosen on-air during the Snow White program. The prize of 5000 lire was a good amount of money at the time.

The leaflet is thin paper. Dimensions: 22 x 22,5 cm. Printed by Gros Monti.

Leaflet image via Little Nemo Auction House.

The contest was also promoted in magazines.

Dopey is shown holding prize money in his hand. From Tempo (Time) magazine no. 45, April 4, 1940 (p.3).

Color ad from the back cover of Tempo magazine no. 47, April 18, 1940.

Additional magazine images via DimeWeb.

Special thanks to Nunziante Valoroso for providing image scans, translations, and additional information. In the next Archive entry, see a series of Snow White trading cards ("figurines") issued by ELAH.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

1962 "Caramelle Pernigotti" Ad from Italy

A magazine ad for Snow White candy, produced in Italy by Pernigotti in 1962. The "Biancaneve" font style was the same used in the promotional material for the Italian theatrical re-release that year. The candy was sold in color packs which contained "the cute fairytale characters".

Image scan courtesy of the Nunziante Valoroso Collection.

The small print in the upper left reads--"Studio dalla Costa"--which is the advertising agency that designed the ad.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

1973 Blanche Neige Lobby Card from France

For the December 5, 1973 re-release of Snow White in France, two sets of lobby cards were made available to theatre owners--Series A and B. Each card included the Walt Disney Company 50th anniversary logo. Nine cards per set. Dimensions: 24 x 30 cm. Distributed by Athos Films.

There are no markings on the cards to identify which series they belong to. Below are fifteen out of the eighteen in the collection (still looking for three more).

The lobby sets each came in their own envelope marked Série A or B. Also on the front is displayed the 50th anniversary design.

Scans courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film. Additional images and info from the Edgar Winkler Collection.

Friday, September 23, 2016

1938 French Publicity Advert

A 1938 Blanche Neige handbill-like promotional advert from France. Folded, four pages. Slightly larger than A4 paper size. Includes press reviews of the first release.

Images courtesy of the Nunziante Valoroso Collection.

A similar advertisement (but in English) was published in a January edition of Box Office, a US movie industry trade magazine. Still another with different artwork was issued in Italy.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Silver Foil Snow White Postcard

Snow White is one of a series of silver foil Disney postcards produced in the Dufex line, circa 1980s. Approximately 4" x 6". Published in England by F. J. Warren Limited. No. 501612, "© Walt Disney Productions."

A couple of others from the collection.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2000s - Snow White Wristwatches

Snow White-themed watches produced since the year 2000. There's been lots of 'em; here's just a sampling.

Snow White watch seen online in early 2016 at Kohl's. Cubic zirconia accents, gold tone metal case with stainless steel back. Diameter: 40mm. Roman numerals surround a modern Snow White graphic. Crystal face cover. Gold tone metal wristband. Quartz movement, battery power. Sold in Disney gift box. Original retail $69.99.

Stock images copyright Disney/Kohl's.


Men's Grumpy watch. Online 2016 at Kohl's. Black dial, silver tone hands and markers. Case stainless steel. Diameter: 39 mm. Disney gift box. Original retail $99.99.


2015 charm watch seen online at Torrid. Smooth black with a silver tone face. Free-floating gemstones and an apple charm drift around the face as you move the watch. Made of base metals. Measures 9" long. Retail $34.50.

Torrid Item No. 10422786. Stock images copyright Disney/Torrid.


Another 2015 piece from Torrid, the Snow White One Bite Boyfriend Watch. Text reads, "Just One Bite". Sleek face with pave gemstone setting. Measures 9" long. Original price $34.50.

Torrid Item No. 10354724.


Snow with apple, circa 2014. Torrid,


Rhinestone Snow White watch. Online at the Disney Store 2010. Pearlized face, 1.5'' diameter. Stainless steel case back, rhinestone pavé bezel. Faux leather strap, 8.5'' long. $34.50. Distributed by Accutime Watch Corporation (model no. PN1018). Gift box included.

Item No. 103832P.


Accutime produced a similar design (model no. PN1054 0312), sans the rhinestones, apple, and miniature clock face. Circa 2010. Band is white silicone. Sold in pink princess gift tin.


"Vintage Disney Princess Watch" from Avon, 2009. Red band. Came in black gift box with blue paperboard sleeve.

The same watch was also sold directly by Disney with a Mickey tin.


Evil Queen commemorative watch and box, from the Villains Enchanted Evening, October 26, 2000 at Disneyland (6:00p.m. to Midnight). Both watch and box include the event name and date. Gold tone bezel, outer case and band. Light-up face. Box lid reads, "Divas" and on the sides, "Disneyland". Limited edition of 300.

Images via klub33.


Dopey Purple Watch. Silver tone case. Purple denim band, 8". Original retail $38. Listed in the January 2000 Disney Catalog.

Images courtesy of 1937fan of Whistle While We Blog.


Snow White interchangeable watch, circa 2000. Special gift box comes with seven transposable faces--one for each dwarf, plus two bands (black and brown).

Images courtesy of 77minnie.

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