Saturday, October 22, 2016

Disney Store Water Fountain

Snow White lighted water fountain made of sculpted resin, actually holds water that flows when turned on. Miniature cottage lights up. Powered by four AA batteries. A heavy piece, almost seven pounds. It measures approximately 9" wide x 8" deep x 6.5" tall. Dates from about 2001.

Power switch on the back side.

US Disney Store retail price $40.

Also sold at the European Disney Stores (pre-euro pricing).

Original box.

Additional images via dmajor04 + cbel2878.

Friday, October 21, 2016

1940s Biancaneve Puppet Theatre

Earlier this year, the Little Nemo Auction House in Turin put up for sale this 1940s Snow White puppet theatre from Italy. The wooden structure featured hand-painted details with two backgrounds and a curtain. Included were 11 articulated plaster puppets from the Disney film--two Snow Whites (rag dress and princess gown), the Prince, Seven Dwarfs, and Old Witch,

Image and info via Little Nemo.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ledra Rubber Doll Figures from Italy

Artist Al Dempster's stylistic depictions of the Snow White characters--seen in the 1954 French picture book Le retour de Blanche-Neige and in the 1958 Italian Nuove Avventure della Grande Tribù--were reproduced as 3-dimensional rubber figures by Ledraplastic of Italy. Both a large and small series were issued from the 1960s through the 80s.

The large Snow White stands 40 cm high. She wears a yellow tiara and long evening gloves.

Images via bdalupo.

Similarities can be seen with the illustrations in the storybook.

Book scan courtesy of Greg Philip.

The characters are shown with stylized facial expressions and body postures. The dwarfs are about are 20 cm tall.

The Ledraplastic elephant logo is encircled by the Walt Disney Productions copyright imprint.

Images via


In the smaller series, Snow is about 24 cm high and the dwarfs 14 cm. In this example, she wears a red bow instead of a tiara, and the brown bodice and white gloves are gone. 

Utilizing the same figure molds, other Snow Whites were depicted with blond hair and blue dresses. Although she might more closely resemble Alice in Wonderland, this is still considered to be Snow White.

The same figures are shown in their original packaging.

In the 1960s and 70s, the Ledra Snow White dolls were some of the most popular in Italy. They were also available in France.

A big thanks to Nunziante Valoroso for his invaluable assistance with this post.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

1958 Italian Storybook Collection by Mondadori

In the previous Archive entry, we saw the Return of Snow White--Le retour de Blanche-Neige--which was first released in 1954 by French publisher Hachette. In 1958, the story was reissued in Italy by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. Rather than a stand-alone book, it was instead incorporated into a collection of Disney stories entitled, Nuove Avventure della Grande Tribù (New Adventures of the Great Tribes).

Snow White is shown with brown hair and blue eyes on the front cover.

Marching dwarfs are pictured on the endpapers of the book.

The Return of Snow White (Il ritorno di Biancaneve) features the same Al Dempster stylized artwork from the French edition, although not all of the illustrations were used. 

A second Snow White tale, Gli amici di Biancaneve (The Friends of Snow White), was also included in this Mondadori edition. This was a story first published in 1940 by Heath and Company of Boston, part of anthology called, Water Babies' Circus and Other Stories. The original illustrations from that book were reprinted in this Italian version.

Nuove Avventure della Grande Tribù was republished in Italy many times over the years.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Mondadori 1958. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

Special thanks to Nunziante Valoroso for providing info and additional photos from his collection.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

1954 "Le retour de Blanche-Neige" Book

Le retour de Blanche-Neige--The Return of Snow White--is a storybook published by Hachette in France. The first edition dates from 1954, but many reprints were issued over the next couple decades. It's part of the Les Albums Roses series of children's books. The highly stylized artwork is by Al Dempster.

Story synopsis: The dwarfs receive a letter announcing a visit from Snow White. So they build a castle just for her. When she arrives, they offer her a huge bouquet. She excuses the Prince who is busy reviewing his troops, but he thought of them and sent Champagne! They all eat, drink, and sing. Doc offers a big diamond from their mine. Snow stays a few days and it’s all fun and games. One day, she rides a white horse (that happens to be grey in the illustration), and she swears that she’ll be back.

This particular Hachette edition was printed in Poland, 1965.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Hachette 1954,1965. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

The story was also reprinted in Italy, part of an anthology of tales called Nuove Avventure della Grande Tribù (New Adventures of the Great Tribes). First published in 1958 by Mondadori and reprinted many times. We'll have a look at it in the next post.

Thank you to Greg Philip of A Lost Film for providing the story synopsis, publication dates, and the image scans. Also to Nunziante Valoroso for additional info and for letting us know about this title.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Halcyon Days Snow White Box

In 2012-13, The Walt Disney Family Museum held its first exhibition--Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Creation of a Classic. To commemorate the event, a Snow White trinket box was produced. Made in England by Halcyon Days, the box was limited to only 100. Hand-painted on enamel. Original retail $350. Still available through the museum website.

Stock images copyright The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Special thanks to Elana Sperber for letting us know about this.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Snow White Vinylmation

The Vinylmation Designer Series 2 was released yesterday, October 15th, at the US Disney theme parks and in limited numbers online at the Disney Store. Created by artist Jeff Granito, the 3" vinyl figures are two-faced--with a good and evil side. Arms and head are poseable. Each figure sold separately in a blind-box. Retail $12.99.

Stock images copyright Disney.

The series includes Snow White-Old Hag, Mowgli-Kaa, Belle-Beast, Patch-Cruella De Vil, Buzz Lightyear-Emperor Zurg, Donald Duck (happy/angry), Pluto (angel/devil), and a mystery chaser.

Disney Store Item No. 7511057370024P.

Also available for a limited time at the Disney Store is a sealed tray of 16 individual boxes. It includes two complete sets of the seven known designs, plus one mystery chaser and one additional figure randomly chosen from the seven. Retail $207.84.

Tray Item No. 7511057370023P.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

1980s Snow White Watch & Faux Book

A ladies watch, circa early 1980s, sold in a faux book box. Part of the Disney Store storybook collections. The ornate watch face depicts the scene where Snow White kisses Dopey. Roman numerals. Gold bezel, stainless steel backing. Shock and water resistant. Leather band. Limited edition of 2000.

Watch images via DisneyJewels + DisneyDaze.

The box was patterned after the cover design of the 1978-79 book published by Circle Fine Arts Press and Viking Press.

Actual book cover and text page for comparison.

Book text an illustrations copyright Disney/Viking Press.